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  Adoption records are a sensitive and personal matter. Some people prefer to keep this information private. Others want to know about their birth families or the children who have been adopted.

In the spring of 2019, the Minister of Community Services said that Nova Scotians would be consulted about how to share information from adoption records.

There have not been any major changes to the Adoption Information Act since 1996. Since that time, attitudes about adoption have changed. Before government considers any changes to the law, it is important to hear from you, particularly if you are one of the following:
• an adopted child
• a birth parent
• an adoptive parent
• a family member of any of the above
• someone who is interested in adoption records

Adoption, and information from adoption records, are often sensitive and personal matters for those who have been directly affected.

The Department of Community Services wants to hear what you have to say on this important subject.

To support you in answering this survey, a Discussion Paper has been written. The Discussion Paper provides a history of how information from adoption records has been treated in the past, how Nova Scotia’s current Adoption Disclosure Program works, and how information from adoption records are shared in other places.
The survey can be completed by anyone with an interest in this issue, and should take between 10 to 15 minutes for you to complete.

You do not give personal information in the survey. The results of this consultation will be presented in a public report. The report will not use anyone’s name or identifying information. However, all answers are part of the public record. As such, they may be disclosed in line with Nova Scotia’s Freedom of Information laws